Like with any other healthcare facility, you will need to fill-out some general patient information forms. For your convenience, these forms may be downloaded off of our website and filled out prior to your visit with us.

After your paperwork process is complete, your Therapist will perform an Initial Evaluation with you. During this Evaluation, your therapist will ask you a list of questions regarding the history of your condition and then perform specific tests and measurements to pinpoint your impairment issues. Your Therapist will use these findings to determine clinically your rehab diagnosis and prognosis and will review the finding with you. Also during this treatment, you and your therapist with develop a unique individualized treatment approach to meet your therapeutic goals. Usually this process takes about one hour to complete.

After the initial visit, You will be periodically re-evaluated to make sure that the treatment plan is reaching goals established, and to see if any alterations in the plan need to be made or addressed.

In order for us to evaluate and treat you, we need to develop a medical record for you. You will need to bring the following :

* Picture ID or Valid Drivers License
* Your Insurance Card
* An updated list of all medications currently taking
* Your Physician’s referral / prescription for therapy services
* Any specific testing results you might have had up to this appointment (CT, MRI, x-rays..etc…)

This varies greatly depending on each individual’s insurance plan. After obtaining your insurance information, our office staff will research your eligibility, benefits, and requirements for out-patient therapy. Our office staff can then give you an estimate of your payment costs based on the information provided to us by your specific insurance company and plan.

Depending on your diagnosis, you need to make sure that the body part or body area is easily exposed. Clothing should be non-restrictive and comfortable. Keep in mind that you will be participating in active exercises, so a general rule is to wear workout attire or clothing you can easily move in.

We do provide gowns for the evaluation process if we need to assess a body area that is not accessible with the clothes you have on. Please make sure you have comfortable sports shoes.

Please NO dress heels, flip-flops, or sandals as these may not provide enough stability and safety during your active exercise participation.

Therapy is all about reducing the resultant pain which you may be experiencing. However, some techniques used in the treatment of some conditions may cause short-term discomfort and/or soreness. It is very important to communicate with your therapist if you experience any pain while in therapy or while performing any home exercises given to you.

Some post-op patients have found that they tolerate the therapy treatments very well if they take their prescribed pain medication prior to coming to therapy as prescribed by the Physician.

If pain remains prevalent, we will make sure that we provide modality intervention to minimize your pain responses.

In the State of TEXAS, the patient has the right to choose where they go to receive therapy services. Some Physicians have financial interest in a particular out-patient setting, however this law has changed as it did with pharmacies and outside ownership. The other side of the coin is that some Physicians have developed great rapport with a particular facility and knows that they will give you, the patient, the best quality care.

HTS strives to be the preferred out-patient therapy provider by making sure our staff is current and trained in all the latest and accepted therapy interventions. We work closely with your Physician regarding any specific details we need to know about your unique situation.

The state of Texas does require a referral (prescription) from a Licensed Physician or other healthcare provider who has authority to makes such a referral (Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Dentists, Chiropractors.) Most insurance guidelines also require a Physician referral for benefits to be payable.

The State of Texas does have instances where you can return to therapy services without a new referral. Ask your Therapist about these instances if you are interested.

Hulsey Therapy Services was founded on the principle of making sure that all patients are treated with respect, dignity, and uniqueness. We evaluate every patient and develop a plan-of-care to meet the needs and expectations of each individual patient.

We have distinguished ourselves as the only out-patient facility in Hunt County to be a Medicare Certified Rehab agency, which means we have gone above and beyond the standards of a regular out-patient therapy facility practices. We maintain state of the art equipment and treatments are based on the latest research findings of efficacy.

We are the exclusive out-patient therapy facility for Texas A&M University – Commerce , and provide rehabilitation to all athletes requiring surgical intervention.

We are owned by and operated privately, and have established ourselves by living within the community we serve. We do not answer to a corporate entity, but answer directly to our patients who have entrusted their medical rehab care to us.